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The City of San Francisco and the City of Seoul share many similarities, despite 9,000 km distance, in being recognized as a city that represents each country’s innovations, information technology(IT), and human rights. The two dynamic cities are where new challenges and traditional values coexist in harmony.


2016 marked the two cities’ memorable 40th anniversary of sister city relationship. The affiliation has contributed to significant growth for both cities through mutual exchanges in various fields since the first shy relationship that was established in 1976. Now the two cities take a huge leap toward a brighter future and are expected to bring about a great deal of mutual benefits, supports, and developments through the firm partnership.



Our Mission is to strengthen cultural and commercial ties between San Francisco and Seoul. Through enduring friendship, civic engagement, and a shared vision, the committee strives to unite these two global cities together. 


San Francisco-Seoul Sister City Committee (“SF-Seoul Committee”) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 1976 to support the Sister Cities Committee programs.   The chairman of SF Seoul Committee is elected by the mayor of San Francisco. All Activities undertaken on behalf of SF Seoul Committee are done on a volunteer basis.

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